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The Homeowners’ Essential Pre-Remodeling Checklist

(This post is brought to you by ServiceMaster Restore.)

Remodeling your home is a huge undertaking. You’ve probably been saving for years so you could build your dream kitchen or bathroom. Now that the time is finally here, you’re eager to start knocking down walls and demolishing cabinets. However, before you begin altering your space, use a pre-remodeling checklist to keep your project on track.

Write Down Agreements With Your Contractors

Choosing your contractor is the first essential step in beginning your renovations. Always search for licensed, insured, and experienced professionals, to make sure they have the necessary skills to perform your job successfully and on time. You also want to make sure they hire their own employees or have good relationships with reliable subcontractors.

With your contractor chosen, it’s time to narrow down the terms of your agreement. The contractor you picked probably gave you an estimate before being chosen, so keep that handy throughout the renovation as proof of what you promised to pay. Make sure your agreement includes detailed information about the work that needs to be completed as well as specific materials and finishes to be used. Communicating clearly will make the entire project easier for everyone by making it less likely mistakes will be made and more likely the work will be completed on time.

Pack Up All Your Non-Essentials

When your renovation begins, your home will officially become a construction zone. Dust and debris will cover practically every surface of the work area as workers rip out walls and remove flooring. That’s why you should make a point to clean out the rooms being renovated as much as possible. Not only will all your belongings be in the way of the workers, but your stuff will also get filthy.

Put all your items into boxes and store them in another part of your home. (It’s also a great time to go through your items and get rid of things you no longer use.)

Make Plans for Using Alternate Spaces in Your Home

With your kitchen or bathroom out of commission until further notice, you’re going to have to make some changes to keep your home functional. Ordering pizza for dinner every night or stopping over at the neighbor’s every time you have to use the bathroom isn’t effective in the long run.

Instead, try to set up replacement rooms in your home. Obviously, if you have an additional bathroom, this isn’t a problem. However, most people don’t have two kitchens in their homes. Make up for this by moving your microwave, coffee maker, toaster, and other small electronic appliances into another room where you can prepare meals. It won’t be a good setup for cooking Thanksgiving dinner, but it should suffice until your job is done.

If you don’t have another bathroom, you’ll have to consider other options, like renting a portable toilet. This type of toilet can be placed in your backyard for your essential needs until your new bathroom is complete.

Have you recently completed a remodel? We’d love to hear your tips. Also, we’d love to see your before and after pictures—click here to send an email.


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Six of the Best Budget Tips for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

(This post is brought to you by New Leaf Cabinets.)

Budgeting for your kitchen remodeling doesn’t have to be a bad situation. And you certainly don’t have to break the bank to get it done. Many people assume that they have to spend upwards of $20,000 for a kitchen remodeling, but the truth is, you can enhance the appearance of your kitchen on the cheap—without compromising quality of the kitchen’s integrity. If you’re looking to make some changes in your home—and increase your home value—here are six budgeting tips for a kitchen makeover.

Create a Budget

This first tip may seem like the most obvious one, but it’s the tip that’s most often ignored. Sticking to a budget is much harder than you think. Some homeowners falsely assume that, because they’re buying and remodeling inexpensively, they don’t have to keep up with the costs. But as you might have already learned from going to low-cost department stores like Target, the little things add up. Take a look at your income, your bills, and decide home much you can afford to spend. Use budgeting apps to help you keep track of your budget along the way.

Be Smart About Your Backsplash

Your backsplash is functional and visually appealing. After all, a tiled backsplash can prevent you from having to spend thousands replacing walls that may become water damaged from condensation and grime in this area. Depending on your kitchen, this is an area where your eyes might be naturally drawn to. One of the most important budgeting decisions you’ll make is choosing what tiles to use. High-end tile will, of course, cost more money, but you can save by purchasing a tile product that has been discounted, answering ads on seller marketplaces like Craigslist, or purchasing the leftover tiles that weren’t use for a different project.

Don’t Forget About the Lighting

The lighting in your kitchen can completely change the ambiance of your space. Overhead lighting should be bright to help you concentrate on your kitchen’s cooking areas. Under-cabinet lighting is also a great addition that won’t hurt your budget, but will prove very effective and functional in your kitchen.

For your primary lighting source, consider track lighting over recessed lighting, which costs more and is a time-consuming, laborious project. Because holes will need be cut into the ceiling, you’ll have to consider the costs of adding electrical wiring—and the hidden costs associated with repairing the ceiling.

Think About Your Counters & Cabinetry

Choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets and counters isn’t easy, as these are the focal point of your kitchen. When guests walk into your kitchen, they make first impressions based on this. As such, it should be a priority in your remodeling efforts. If you already have good cabinetry, you could simply add new doors and hardware and retain the frame. You could also save money by painting or spray painting your current doors, and simply installing new hardware pieces.

A good paint job always makes an incredible difference. For outdated cabinets that are still in good condition, consider painting them white and then priming them with a semi-gloss. White cabinetry also makes a space feel bigger and brighter than it actually is.

When you’re trying to save money, it’s important to know when to renovate and when to replace. “A full renovation of cabinets involves removing the cabinet frames and starting from scratch,” says New Leaf, a maker of kitchen cabinets and countertops in Tacoma WA. “Of course, this will cost more, but it’s often necessary when you realize that simple coat of paint won’t hide the damages and wear and tear of your cabinetry.”

Work With Your Plumbing

Each time your move your appliances, you’re likely going to add another $5,000 to your budget. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, do your best to work with your current layout—especially when it comes to your piping and utilities. You may, however, choose to decide on new appliances, which can complement all the changes that you’ve made to the kitchen. Many department stores offer stellar appliances on credit, and of course there are warehouses where you can find cheaper, high-quality appliances, too. This property blog will help you on more cool kitchen remodeling ideas.

Add or Renovate an Island

An island can do wonders for the overall appearance of your space. It doesn’t interfere with the preparation areas, creates more seating, and is also great for having help in the kitchen and turning the space into an efficient cooking area and social space. If your kitchen is already equipped with an island, you can give it a new look. If you want to install an island from scratch, you can expect to pay anywhere between $800 to $5,000—but it will likely be a worthwhile investment. To save a bit of money, consider using a butcher block countertop instead of traditional granite and the more expensive stone options.




5 Home Remodeling Projects to Tackle This Year

(This post is brought to you by Hestia Home Services.)

Is your home feeling drab and uninspiring? Before you get ready to hang up a sale sign, check out the ideas below for ways to give your space new life.

The Kitchen

There’s a reason upgrading the kitchen is one of the top ways to increase your home’s value. This room is often considered the heart of the home. So it makes sense that this is one of the top spots for renovating. To give your kitchen a facelift, consider getting in some new appliances if yours are on the older side. You can also replace the countertops or simply paint the cabinets. Finally, if you want to go big, you could do something dramatic like knocking out a wall, adding in an island, or redoing the floors.

The Bathroom

Another essential area in your home is the bathroom. It may seem like the room you spend the least amount of time in, but it’s also a significant contributor to your home’s value. Doing some simple things like adding in a new counter or bathtub can go a long way.

According to Houston remodeling contractors Hestia Home Services, when it comes to kitchen and bathroom renovations, “Simple things like choosing quartz counters over marble and quality fittings reduces our maintenance woes. Likewise, installing LED lights, opting for insulated windows cuts energy bills. Not to mention, brighter designs makes it look larger and more relaxing.”


Next, you’ll want to consider the bedrooms in your home. Start with your own bedroom. When was the last time you replaced your mattress? Does the furniture go with the rest of the room? How do you feel about the paint color? Your bedroom is supposed to be your safe haven away from the stresses of the world, so make sure it’s a place you love to spend time in.

After that, move onto the other bedrooms. Perhaps your kids have grown out of their old furniture and need an upgrade. Or maybe you plan on having guests over more often and want to upgrade your spare bedroom. Again, small changes can go a long way, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to transform a bedroom.

The Basement

If you have a basement, consider fixing it up a bit. When done right your basement can turn into a great place to entertain guests or simply spend time relaxing. Of course, many basements are dark and dank naturally, so you’ll have to do some work to make it homey. Consider adding an electric heater or fireplace, installing more lights, and getting some comfortable furniture. Add in a television and you’re good to go.

Your Yard

Finally, don’t forget about the outside of your home. Remodeling the inside is great, but if you want to improve your curb appeal, while also giving yourself a relaxing place to spend time outside, you’ll want to fix up the yard. This means doing some landscaping, maybe adding in some patio furniture, or installing a water feature. Here are some great yard ideas for inspiration.

How to Prepare for Your Remodel

To get started with your remodel, you’ll first want to decide on which room you’re tackling first. Is it your kitchen? One of the bedrooms? After you choose one, start coming up with a list of all the things you want to do. For now, don’t worry about the budget, just let your imagination run wild.

Once you have a pre-remodeling checklist, you can start pricing everything you want to do. As you go along, you’ll figure out which items are possible within your budget, and which ones will have to go by the wayside. No matter which methods you choose, you’ll have to find a way to pay for them. The best thing you can do is start saving up early, and make sure you know all the costs before you start any of the work.

Finally, if you’re planning a big job, get some help. Find a local remodeling service to help give you ideas and do the work for you. This will save you time and ensure the job gets done right. Hopefully this guide was able to get you started thinking about remodeling your home, and it won’t be long before you’ve transformed some problem areas into spaces you love.

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