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DIY Summer Idea: How to Build Arbor for your Backyard

build arbor backyard

Think of adding an arbor for your backyard? Looking for a way to make an architectural statement in your outdoor home? Also known as a pergola, an arbor is a great addition to your outdoor design. An arbor is perfect when you want to enhance your garden, walkway or anywhere you feel the need to provide an attractive shade. You can even have an arbor for your terrace or pool to give shade to the direct heat of the sun. But of course, it also serves as a decorative structure.

DIY Summer Idea: How to Build Arbor for your Backyardbuild arbor backyard

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The beauty that an arbor brings to your home design makes it so popular. In fact, it’s amazing how many beautiful designs you can have for your arbor. You will definitely have a design that will fit your preference. However, there are basic parts that arbor should have. Check out these tips on how to build an arbor for your backyard:

Work on your arbor base

The base is an essential part of the arbor. This should not take too much of the arbor area. As a rule of thumb, your base area should be smaller than you have in a patio seating area. The base should not dominate the intended area like the garden or pathway. However, the base should be presentable and stable.

How to build arbor video:

Choose your wooden horizontal beams

This structure will serve as the roof of your arbor. Although this is not like the roof of your home that restricts rain, this structure is good enough to provide a shade. The horizontal beams are arranged with a few inches gap in between. The space allows sunlight to pass through and give light to the area.

Here are some tips from BHG to build an arbor or a pergola.

Consider putting garden decor around your arbor.

Your arbor will look good as it is but the arbor is definitely better with decorative items surrounding the structure. You can install some decorative lighting fixtures on your base and horizontal beams. Other arbors are surrounded with plants for additional beauty.

There are also arbor kits you can buy if you’d like. We like these arbor kits!

You will definitely love the looks of your exterior with an arbor installed in your backyard. It’s a beautiful addition to your existing structure outdoor.

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5 Easy Outdoor Decor Rules To Try this Season

outdoor decor rules patio furniture

Is your outdoor decor in need of an upgrade this season? On a gorgeous summer or spring day, there is nothing as luxurious as breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the sunshine from your own home. However, before you even start thinking about this, you should get your outdoor living area in order: welcoming furniture grouping, fluffy pillows, and comfortable seating will make your patio furniture score big this season.

5 Easy Outdoor Decor Rules To Try this Season

While you are decorating your patio or deck, here are some simple rules that you should follow:

1. Consider Patio Furniture that you Mix and Match

You need to mix and match furniture to make your outdoors appealing. If your living room furniture doesn’t match, why should your outdoor furniture be the same? You should consider using an array of furniture styles and finishes to make your porch or patio unique. Buy furniture pieces with different styles, shapes, and finishes then make sure that they can work together to create a  comfortable yet layered space.

outdoor decor rules patio furnitureDisclosure Resources

2. Make Nature Your Focal Point with Outdoor Decor

You should not let your outdoor furniture ideas take center stage and outshine all the nature around you. If you have tree cover, an appealing garden, or a push lawn, you should buy furniture that allows you to appreciate these elements instead of being distracted from them. In some cases, less is more, especially if you want the landscape to be the focal point.

3. Use Plants to Accessorize your Outdoor Patio

Instead of cluttering your outdoor area, you should consider using flowers and greenery to accessorize. Small pots and container gardens are all that you need to make your patio look better. If you are considering flowers, you should choose the type you want and visit the page to see how much they cost.

If you want to plant flowers from scratch, you need to buy seeds and plant them in containers. On the other hand, if you prefer to buy flowers that are already fully grown, make sure that you keep up the care they need.

4. Take Color Ideas from the Environment

When flowers start blooming, a new color palette will reveal itself in your garden. You should allow these natural elements to guide your choices in furniture color. For instance, if your yard is filled with patio furniture, you should opt for furniture pieces that are green, blue, and violet. When you do this, your finished look will appear effortless and well pulled together.

5. Your Outdoors Should Complement Your Indoors

When decorating your outdoors, you need to keep your indoors in mind. You should try to pick patio furniture that matches your indoor furniture to some extent. However, you do not need to pick the same type of furniture for both indoors and outdoors.

For instance, if your indoor furniture is made from oak and brown in color, you should incorporate some aspects of this in your outdoor decoration. If you cannot pick the color brown because it clashes with the surroundings, you should at least pick furniture that is made from oak.

Patio furniture is no easy feat, but you should not despair. With the right furniture and accessories, you can transform your space into a beautiful one.

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Labor Day Dessert: Raspberry Ice Cream Cake Recipe

raspberry ice cream cake

Is there ever a bad time of year to have ice cream cake? There are no definite rules about the form and shape of ice cream cakes because no matter what shape they take, they are always yummy! We will check out here a layered ice cream cake recipe that has thin layers of cake, raspberry sorbet, and crumbled cookies. Taken the idea from Martha Stewart, the dessert can be a hit item in any part of the Labor Day holiday.

Labor Day Dessert: Raspberry Ice Cream Cake

raspberry ice cream cakedisclosure recipe

Raspberry Ice Cream Cake Ingredients:

8 servings

1 frozen or homemade pound cake (10-3/4 ounces). The frozen one should be unthawed and the normal one should be at room temperature.

Softened vanilla ice cream (1 cup)

Cream of tartar

Softened raspberry sorbet (2 cups)

Pure vanilla extract (1/2 teaspoon)

Sugar (1/2 cup)

2 large egg whites

Chocolate wafer cookies (1/2 cup; roughly crumbled)

Ice Cream Cake Directions:

  1. Cut the pound cake horizontally into 4 slices. Line a baking pan with plastic wrap while leaving two sides with 6 inches overhang.
  2. Now, make the layers in the pan. The order of the layers can be one slice cake at the bottom, 1-cup sorbet, one slice of cake, half-cup ice cream, crumbs of cookies, another half-cup ice cream, another cake slice, one-cup sorbet, and finally, one slice of cake at the top. Remember that, you can decorate the order any way you want. With a slice of cake at the bottom and the top, arrange the internal layers as per your taste and liking.
  3. Wrap the layered cake with a piece of plastic wrap. You have to refrigerate it for minimum one hour and can keep it in the freezer for maximum three days.

Meringue Filling Cake Directions:

  1. While the cake is in the freezer, whisk together a pinch of cream of tartar and the egg whites in a heatproof bowl.
  2. Put the bowl over a pan of boiling water and keep stirring until the mixture becomes foamy. Mix sugar and keep whisking until the sugar dissolves.
  3. Turn off the heat and beat the mixture with an electric mixer for 6 minutes until sheeny, stiff peaks are formed. Now, add vanilla and beat for another minute.
  4. Take the cake out of the freezer and top with meringue.
  5. Serve!

Conscious about health? Make the cake Gluten Free and no one will know the difference! The topping can be changed with anything you like. You can use plain whipped cream or fruits like kiwis, cherries, or raspberries with drizzled chocolate on top. This raspberry ice cream cake is a fabulous recipe that your guests will surely love to taste.

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